Dennis J Boucher
I have had an interest in photography since childhood, buying my first rangefinder camera, a Pentax ME Super, with hard earned newspaper delivery money.   After high school I found myself maintaining film processing machines (ie., Kodak Versamat) and cameras in the US Air Force. Over the years I have taken images in studios, leaning out of open helicopter doors, as well as crime and accident scenes. 
I was fortunate to be among the first to experience digital photography, shooting with the Nikon D1 as a quasi-photo-journalist and member of US Air Force Combat Camera units. I received some formal photography training while in the Air Force, however I spent the majority of my time managing public relations and base multimedia operations, so I wasn’t able to hone my skills to the degree I would like to have.
I’ve spent the last 18 years, following my retirement from the Air Force in 2004, continuing my recreational photography as a hobby.  Making a lot of rookie mistakes, and being frustrated with my results.  However, over the most recent few years, my passion for photography has been re-ignited to a new level.  
My camera of choice is always a Nikon. Maybe my early Air Force days created a bias, but Nikon has always been a solid brand, well built and tough.  Perfect for the outdoors and less than perfect conditions.  I am fully invested in the current Nikon Mirrorless system to include the Nikon Z8 and a Z6 as backup, along with a full complement of Z mount lenses covering 14mm to 600mm.  
Keep checking in, as I hope to continue refining my skills and sharing more images of the beautiful State of Vermont and surrounding area, as well as images of my more distant travels.
Circ. 1986 - Zweibrucken Air Force Base Germany
Circ. 1986 - Zweibrucken Air Force Base Germany